// strive for progress... not perfection .

Strive for progress, not perfection. 

Join us in hands-on, dynamic workshops held by Certified Professionals.

2016 is the year.

Get moving. Get Healthy. Get the Body you want. Join me for an 8-week program designed specifically to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to finally live that healthy lifestyle you've been wanting. 

 - Lose excess weight but also understand how to cook, shop and nourish your body. 
 - break through the hype of carbs, fat and proteins… what do we REALLY need.

 - We’ll hit the gym to learning proper technique, gym etiquette and how to design your own fitness routine.

 - Kick those bad habits to the curb for good!

8 weeks x 3 classes per week 
take home material and ongoing support

Other Topics Covered:
- Vitamins, protein powders and supplements
- Cooking and food substitution, understanding the hidden code in package labels

- Understanding your own macronutrient breakdown
- How to work out to drop fat vs. gain feminine shape
- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at work and home
- Pantry make-over

Course Fee $375              //               Book by Jan 16th to receive $50 off!

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